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As the owner of a closely held business, you need guidance through the tax & legal labyrinth.

You need a team of wealth strategists on your side—one that can help reduce your tax liability and make sure you leave a lasting legacy.

Services for Building & Protecting Your Legacy

BridgeBuilder is a boutique law firm unlike any other.

We help owners of closely-held businesses

  • manage & protect their wealth, and
  • build a lasting legacy for their loved ones.

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or private investor, you have tax planning & compliance needs unlike anyone else—needs that simply can’t be met by a typical accounting firm. That’s why our practice consists of both CPAs and attorneys who concentrate on tax law.

Beyond taxes, you need a sophisticated asset protection plan in place, so that your wealth is protected from the unexpected or unpredictable risks.

Finally, you need personalized, comprehensive estate planning to ensure that

  • your plans address what is truly important to you,
  • your business & your family continue operating smoothly, and
  • your beneficiaries avoid unnecessary taxes, fees, and expenses.

We excel in helping clients with complex wealth strategy needs get the exact solution they require. If you’re looking for a trusted advisor for your financial situation, BridgeBuilder can help.

About BridgeBuilder

BridgeBuilder is a boutique law firm comprised of both attorneys & certified public accountants.

We help high-net worth clients like business owners & private investors “build a bridge to span the tide,” providing for both their present & their family’s future.

Where typical tax firms provide bookkeeping & tax filing, BridgeBuilder focuses on delivering solutions that reduce risk & cut taxes.

Likewise, where other estate planners offer techniques & information, BridgeBuilder gives clients vision & wisdom regarding their legacy. We help clients avoid taxes & pass along their assets, but we also go beyond that, to things like preparing heirs for their inheritance. 

  • Tax Planning

    Tax Planning

    At BridgeBuilder, our priority is to advance our clients’ objectives of protecting & perpetuating wealth while managing their tax obligations responsibly.

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  • Closely Held Businesses

    Closely Held Businesses

    BridgeBuilder partners with closely held business across a variety of industries, from entrepreneurs to family businesses and other privately held companies.

    We are uniquely positioned to help owners of closely held businesses.

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  • Estate Planning

    Estate Planning

    Architects at Protecting & Perpetuating Family Wealth for Generations
    BridgeBuilder is unlike any “traditional” estate planning practice.

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  • Asset Protection

    Asset Protection

    More and more people are using the legal system to deprive others of their life’s work. Over 19 million new lawsuits are filed in the United States every year, many of which are frivolous or settled for sums greater than the actual liability.

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